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  1. Optics & Accessories
    Hello Everyone, Since I am new here, I believe that introductions are in order. My name is Alex and I am an American who has been living in Germany since 2018. I study English and History at the Unversity here currently and hope that I will eventually become a teacher. I have a background in...
  2. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    I would like to buy an AK74 cam for the 1PN34 NSPU night vision scope. I have an extra PK and AK47 cam I would be willing to trade. I am also willing to pay for he 74 cam.
  3. Want to Buy/Sell Optics
    Up for sale is an early 1PN58 night vision scope. The scope has been converted to use US batteries and will come with a set of new batteries. Currently it will turn on and then power down after 2-3 seconds. It may need a new intensifier tube but I currently do not have the time to invest in...
  4. Optics & Accessories
    I purchased this 1PN58 on a whim and when I received it, I noticed it look different from other 1PN58s in the battery compartment and brightness dial section. A typical 1PN58 will have a flat section with a hammer and sickle and the brightness dial without ridges above it. However, mine has...
  5. Want to Buy/Sell Optics
    Hi, I bought this scope from a reputable M14 parts dealer online in 2012 and never used it other than for a few photo ops. As much as I like it, it is not cost effective to keep it sitting around any longer so I am offering it here for sale. AN/PVS-2 + M14/M1A scope mount From the '60s...
1-5 of 5 Results