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  1. New to the forum - dropping in to introduce myself

    New Member Introduction
    Strasvutsia fellow AK enthusiasts! New to the forum and thought I'd introduce myself rather than simply lurk around. I'm a relative newbie to the AK platform. I've owned my Arsenal SAM7SF for a handful of years and over time pimped it out with Combloc Custom wood furniture, paracord-wrapped...
  2. Building my first AK: using the barrel as a bucking bar? Go or no go?

    Build It Yourself
    Hey guys, I know I'm going to get screamed at for this but I have to ask anyway. I'm a poor just out of college guy replacing his M44 Mosin Nagant (first ever rifle) that I had to sell a year ago. I bought a Polish AKM 47 fixed stock kit with Nitrided barrel already installed and...