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  1. WTB: Chinese RS-101 / Type JJJ Scope for NDM-86

    Want to Buy/Sell Optics
    Bought one, thanks.
  2. SVD kill

    Dragunov and FPK/PSL
    Cullman (was a carpetbagger), Alabama 12-12-14 About 100 yards, quartering away, moving. Shot exited front shoulder. Once fired GGG brass with #34 primers, 4064 powder and a Hornady 150grain SST. Good deer for Alabama. I didn't measure him but he's got to be 18" inside spread. And I was...
  3. WTB Some NDM-86 (Dragunov )Accessories

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    WTB Some NDM-86 (Dragunov ) in 7.62x54r Accessories Looking for accessories that go inside of a scope box like : screw driver lens cleaning brush Also looking for : the right sling Drop bag Let me know Thank you