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  1. Maadi Muzzle Brake Question

    So first off ill just say that I am 100% new to the AK world. My main area of interest is older military surplus firearms but I figure with the election coming up I need to go ahead and make a move on an AK. A gentleman has offered to sell me his PARS import Egyptian Maadi. The slant brake looks...
  2. A little Vepr 12 action

    AK Video Library
    Put together this muzzle brake and birdshot test video a week or so ago. Still trying to learn the video editing software so it's not to best.
  3. Dont know what type of thread is on my AK

    General Discussion
    It is a 7.62/39 ak and its from arsenal. I tried the 14-1mm thread flash hider and that was not correct. It is a right handed thread and i think it is the 24mm Bulgarian thread but am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Muzzle Brake AK 74. Izhmash. Made in USSR. New.

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Muzzle Brake AK-74. "Izhmash". Made in USSR. New. The price for 1 unit - $ 35 + $ 7 shipping. I will send by airmail order and give the track number to tracking it.I accept the payment is PayPal only.
  5. Russian USSR AK74 Hand Guard Set,, action spring, and the muzzle brake

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Hello! This is my first advertise the sale on this forum. So I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. We are all learning still) I have the opportunity to sell spare parts to the original Soviet AK. Subsequently, I will please you with good products. I Accept Paypal only. I send all orders...
  6. Muzzle brake

    Hey guys, newer member here. I'm building my wasr to hunt with, primarily hog and coyote, maybe deer. I recently installed a shark type muzzle brake along with a 1" butt pad and recoil buffer. It is very shooter friendly now. My question is about the brake. When fully threaded on to where the...
  7. 24x1.5 Muzzle Brake

    Looking for a Bulgarian Muzzle brake, my SGL came with the nut only. Trying to keep it as original as possible, if anyone has a 74 type 24x1.5 RH brake for sale, I'd be interested in purchasing it from you.
  8. 7.62 / .308 Barrel Threading Kit + AK 74 Muzzle Brake

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SOLD! to astig20
  9. Romak 1 Barrel Threading

    I have a Romak 1 and am wanting to put a muzzle brake on it. I am aware that the barrel is not threaded. From what I understand, I need to thread it. Does anyone know if the 14mm-1 thread will work?
  10. WTB AK9 railed handguard and a Zenit DTK-2 Compensator

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Hey guys, I'm looking for an AK9 handguard and a Zenit DTK-2 muzzle brake to finish up my AK-104 SBR. I might also be interested in an SRVV Muzzle Brake in 7.62 so just let me know what you've got Thanks in advance!