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muzzle brake

  1. Egyptian
    So first off ill just say that I am 100% new to the AK world. My main area of interest is older military surplus firearms but I figure with the election coming up I need to go ahead and make a move on an AK. A gentleman has offered to sell me his PARS import Egyptian Maadi. The slant brake looks...
  2. AK Video Library
    Put together this muzzle brake and birdshot test video a week or so ago. Still trying to learn the video editing software so it's not to best.
  3. General Discussion
    It is a 7.62/39 ak and its from arsenal. I tried the 14-1mm thread flash hider and that was not correct. It is a right handed thread and i think it is the 24mm Bulgarian thread but am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Muzzle Brake AK-74. "Izhmash". Made in USSR. New. The price for 1 unit - $ 35 + $ 7 shipping. I will send by airmail order and give the track number to tracking it.I accept the payment is PayPal only.
  5. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Hello! This is my first advertise the sale on this forum. So I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. We are all learning still) I have the opportunity to sell spare parts to the original Soviet AK. Subsequently, I will please you with good products. I Accept Paypal only. I send all orders...
  6. Romanian
    Hey guys, newer member here. I'm building my wasr to hunt with, primarily hog and coyote, maybe deer. I recently installed a shark type muzzle brake along with a 1" butt pad and recoil buffer. It is very shooter friendly now. My question is about the brake. When fully threaded on to where the...
  7. Bulgarian
    Looking for a Bulgarian Muzzle brake, my SGL came with the nut only. Trying to keep it as original as possible, if anyone has a 74 type 24x1.5 RH brake for sale, I'd be interested in purchasing it from you.
  8. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SOLD! to astig20
  9. Romanian
    I have a Romak 1 and am wanting to put a muzzle brake on it. I am aware that the barrel is not threaded. From what I understand, I need to thread it. Does anyone know if the 14mm-1 thread will work?
  10. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Hey guys, I'm looking for an AK9 handguard and a Zenit DTK-2 muzzle brake to finish up my AK-104 SBR. I might also be interested in an SRVV Muzzle Brake in 7.62 so just let me know what you've got Thanks in advance!