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  1. Norinco MAK90 stock and handguard set

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Black painted (Don't think its original) MAK90 stock with upper and lower handguards. 65 SHIPPED OBO
  2. Ammo or Rifle?

    I have a mak90 sporter starting to think there is something wrong with my rifle almost lost a eye yesterday.The primer blowout happend with tula ammo,and case rupture with nny yugo 1985, nk 84 ammo.Im not sure if its a "headspace,firing pin" problem or just bad ammo?Any thoughts thanks!
  3. How many here has made their own ak furniture?

    Build It Yourself
    just curious and would like to see some pics.. im gonna give it a go with a black walnut board i have for my mak 90
  4. '94 Milled MAK-90 Rear Handguard Ferrule Cap - DESPERATELY SEEKING!

    Currently refurb'ing a '94 milled Norinco MAK-90 and desperately seeking a rear handguard ferrule cap. I've searched all the major parts sights and found nothing. Any suggestions or offers on your spare cap would be greatly appreciated.
  5. WTS: MAK90 underfolder parts kit

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Withdrawn No longer available for sale
  6. MAK90 Noob! What do I need to know before I commit?

    I'm new to the boards and a MAK90 newbie with some questions... I do have some experience with AK varients having owned an Arsenal SGL20 years ago. I currently have an opportunity to trade my M&P15 AR for a "fair/good" condition 1993 milled MAK90 (plus mags, ammo and a new Kahr CW9 pistol). It's...
  7. Help With The MAK90 Sporter Please!

    Hello all, new here and new to AKs. I bought a MAK90 a while back. It's the sporter rifle sans evil parts. I had done enough research to know its a quality rifle but not enough to learn all about 922r compliance. I specifically asked the shop owner about swapping the thumbhole stock and he...