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  1. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Black painted (Don't think its original) MAK90 stock with upper and lower handguards. 65 SHIPPED OBO
  2. Chinese
    I have a mak90 sporter starting to think there is something wrong with my rifle almost lost a eye yesterday.The primer blowout happend with tula ammo,and case rupture with nny yugo 1985, nk 84 ammo.Im not sure if its a "headspace,firing pin" problem or just bad ammo?Any thoughts thanks!
  3. Build It Yourself
    just curious and would like to see some pics.. im gonna give it a go with a black walnut board i have for my mak 90
  4. Chinese
    Currently refurb'ing a '94 milled Norinco MAK-90 and desperately seeking a rear handguard ferrule cap. I've searched all the major parts sights and found nothing. Any suggestions or offers on your spare cap would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Withdrawn No longer available for sale
  6. Chinese
    I'm new to the boards and a MAK90 newbie with some questions... I do have some experience with AK varients having owned an Arsenal SGL20 years ago. I currently have an opportunity to trade my M&P15 AR for a "fair/good" condition 1993 milled MAK90 (plus mags, ammo and a new Kahr CW9 pistol). It's...
  7. Chinese
    Hello all, new here and new to AKs. I bought a MAK90 a while back. It's the sporter rifle sans evil parts. I had done enough research to know its a quality rifle but not enough to learn all about 922r compliance. I specifically asked the shop owner about swapping the thumbhole stock and he...