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  1. Red Finished Romanian AK Mag

    Pick up this Romanian mag. Has an interesting reddish bronze finish on the inside and out. I do believe it's an older Romanian and finish is either original, old repaint (but I don't see any second layer of paint.) Anyone seen anything like it before? Is this a Hungarian or Bulgarian mag?
  2. AK 47 Mags for sale, Steel Surplus, Russian, Chinese, Bulgaria/Romanian, etc

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    I have quite a few AK mags for sale. I have more mags that i will post up later. I also have springs, followers and floor plates. I'm not 100% on the origin country on so mags, so if you have any assistance, feel free. Being surplus magazines these are subject to imperfections such as scuff...
  3. My collection (so far)...addition #1...

    I'll be adding pics to this as time allows...I'm always lookin' to fill the holes so let's make a deal...thanks to all here who have helped keep me poor but happy :grin:...gonna start with the RPK stuff... RPK... 1...Bulgarian RPK47 ((10)) black waffle 2...Bulgarian RPK47 ((10)) plum waffle...