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  1. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    TERMS: Zelle (preferred), USPS or Western Union money orders, Certified Cashier's Check (that is not a personal check), or cash ONLY. No PP, No Cashapp, No Venmo, No Trades. Cross posted. Please post "I'll take it" and follow up with a PM (that means YOU PM ME telling how you would like to pay...
    $1,850 USD
  2. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for a maadi non-thumbhole laminated wood stock. Haven't seen many sell in a while so let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks!
    $200 USD
  3. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    $30 USD
  4. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking to buy an Egyptian Crutch Folder for my MAADI. Name your price and we will go from there. Thanks
  5. Egyptian
    Hi everyone, so I just purchased my first ever AKM and it happens to be an Egyptian MAADI imported by PARS. It came stock with the thumb hole butt stock. I couldn’t find a crutch folder so I bought myself a Romanian wire folder for the time being. I just came across a post on GunBroker.com for...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Greetings! NC, USA here. Not new to the platform, but new to the forum. Just finished up a VEPR conversion/modification I’m very happy with. Slowly but surely modifying my more modern AKs while keeping my AKMs relatively pure. Jarhead veteran, avid enthusiast, looking to read and learn. Thanks...
  7. General Discussion
    I recently acquired this Ak. It was purchased on gunbroker from Pars international who is also who imported it. It was manufactured in 1994 and is unfired. I was just wondering if anyone knows more about this rifle.
  8. Egyptian
    I recently picked up an Intrac import that had been bubba’d with cheap dragunov stock and cheap scope. I’ve recently acquired a full wood Maadi furniture set to return it back to its gloriousness but am looking at optics. I have a master mount I am planning on installing and just looking at...
  9. Build It Yourself
    Hello everyone! I’ve got a Egyptian Maadi RML that the threads was turned down. I went and bought a original Maadi slant muzzle break without thinking and pretty sure it’s going to be too big once I rethread it. Could I just weld it on top of the turn down? Or should I go to a smaller size...
  10. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for a standard Egyptian buttstock with cleaning kit hole to replace the thumbhole on my Intrac. Might also be interested in an Egyptian side folding stock. Thanks for looking!
  11. Want to Know - What's it Worth
    I have an Egyptian MAADI with a 20" barrel, imported by A.C.C. INTRAC. Still has threads, just covered by a muzzle-nut. It has been sand-blasted and refinished (park and blue done by an actual gunsmith, not a DIY job), the dust cover and receiver were looking a bit rough in some areas and didn't...
  12. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for an Egyptian Maadi AK. Intrac or Pars import only please. Only interested in ones with intact muzzle threads. Thanks yall!
  13. Egyptian
    So first off ill just say that I am 100% new to the AK world. My main area of interest is older military surplus firearms but I figure with the election coming up I need to go ahead and make a move on an AK. A gentleman has offered to sell me his PARS import Egyptian Maadi. The slant brake looks...
  14. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Closed Temporarily Removed
  15. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Found Than You Found. Thank You
  16. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Hey guys, This particular AK is from the last shipment of 2000 imported in 1982/1983. These AKMs are well known for being featured in the movies Red Dawn and Rambo featuring Swayze and Stallone. Serial is S001847 and it's in very nice shape inside and out for a 35 year old AKM built on a Soviet...
  17. Build It Yourself
    Was looking at a Maadi parts kit but it is missing the barrel. Who in the US makes the best 7.62 barrel? It is going to be more of a shooter than a historical piece. Has anyone tried Faxon's barrels?
  18. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    SOLD (off forum) Egyptian Maadi ARM 7.62x39 rifle. Imported by ACC INT/Intrac of Knoxville, TN. The ARM model is one of the nicest in the Maadi series of rifles. This rifle was purchased as "New, Old Stock" and does not appear to have ever been fired. This rifle comes with the following...
  19. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for a Maadi AKM gastube & trigger gaurd /w selector stop......if you have laminate HGs, I may consider those too. Some mouth-breather mangled my gastube loop for the upper HG and was testing the tensile strength of the TG assembly:rolleyes:
1-19 of 34 Results