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  1. WTS: Yugo M92 Parts Kit, Nodak Receiver, and 922 Parts. $700 shipped.

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Original Yugo M92 7.62x39 Krinkov Parts Kit and Nodak NDS-92 Serial-Matching Receiver -This Yugo M92 parts kit was purchased brand new in 2005 from Rapid Fire. 2003 dated kit with the original pre-ban Yugo essentially new barrel. These guns were brand new when they were demilled. (Not the...
  2. Minty Pair of Yugo's plus a bunch of extras. The end of a Great AK Collection :o(

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Moving to gb! Moving to gb.
  3. WTS M92 PAP Zastava Pistol

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    I am selling my M92 PAP Zastava Pistol. The pistol is in very good condition with a low round count. I sighted it in at 50 yards and have kept it as a home defense tool. I the pistol is very accurate and makes for a great CQB weapon. The finish has minimal wear. Included: 1 30 round...
  4. Cheap PAP M92 Case for SB47/15 users..

    I was digging around and didn't find much.. My PAP M92PV pistol has the KAK 'super tube', ACE folding mech, and SB15 brace on it.. comes to just around 30". I found this case on line for $16.95 and free shipping (YMMV). VISM CV2910-32.. its 32"l x 10"h on the edges.. holds the pistol and 1...
  5. Manticore Renegade Forearm w/PA MD06 co-witness??

    Optics & Accessories
    Anyone who has bought and installed the Manticore Renegade with integrated T1/Primary Arms base have pictures? How is the co-witness with the Primary Arms MD06 models? Here is the Manticore link for the Renegade forearm.. Renegade Forearm for Yugo Krinkov AK All I see is the Burris FF on the...
  6. PAP M92PV Pistol range day..

    So I zero'd my Zastava PAPM92PV pistol today with irons (set at 200 setting) at 100m and got decent groups.. Then I used the Primary Arms MD06 on the Stormwerkz rail setup.. At 100m after going left for right and up for down off my range bag for support.. :rolleyes: 4" x 2" strip on 8" BC...
  7. WTS: US made Hung. grips, teak M76 style grip

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Payment is by cash, check or money order. I dont have paypal. Postal Money orders are preferred as I can cash when I ship. PM or e-mail with any questions. Price includes shipping. No trades. US made, beech wood Hungarian copy grips. New, never been on a rifle. Both grips have a "fake ferrule"...
  8. M92 + ammo + mags (1,000 dollars)

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Hello. I am looking to sell my M92. It has maybe 100 rounds through it. I have over 1000 rounds to go with the gun. Also 10 mags, 4 are metal, 6 are tapcos. I am willing to take a trade for .223/5.56 ammo or .300 win mag / 7mm mag. + cash ( or zero cash depending on the value of the...
  9. WTS: Yugo M70 and M92 parts

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    I have a unused Yugo M70 B1 rear trunnion made by I believe turbothis. $40. Yugo M92 virgin rear trunnion. Good for pistol build. Can also be drilled for Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian or Polish underfolder stock. $40. Yugo M70AB2 underfolder stock & hardware in excellent condition...