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  1. Krinkovs
    New project for my M92 PAP pistol.. soon to be SBR.. :cool: Wildbill plate with 500' Ceramic paint.. And the current look with Manticore Brake, PA MD06 w/Stormwerkz rail section.. all zero'd up.. Stay tuned.. parts due in Thursday..
  2. Krinkovs
    I was digging around and didn't find much.. My PAP M92PV pistol has the KAK 'super tube', ACE folding mech, and SB15 brace on it.. comes to just around 30". I found this case on line for $16.95 and free shipping (YMMV). VISM CV2910-32.. its 32"l x 10"h on the edges.. holds the pistol and 1...
1-2 of 3 Results