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  1. Chinese
    Hi all, I am brand new to this forum and signed up to ask this question and likely many others down the road. I got a brand new JTS M12AK for my 18th (yes I'm already hot rodding my first gun) and I'm wondering what kind of parts are interchangeable between an AK-47 and this shotgun. I know...
  2. General Discussion
    Ok Comrades, with Biden saying he will ban all online sales IF he wins. I am wondering if I buy the JTS 12 gauge AK ($500) or 1,000 rounds of ammo. I am out of work right now, so both is not an option. Background: I have 2 AK47 rifles in 7.62x39 and about 3k rounds of ammo. I do not own a...
1-2 of 2 Results