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  1. General Discussion
    As you can see in pic #1, this is a standard AK mount... In pic #2 though, it looks like an AK mount, but its thicker and nothing so far seems to fit it. What kind of mount is this and what fits it? Am I missing something here?
  2. Chinese
    Hello all, I have a Norinco Mak 90 I'd like some info on. I know a ton were imported and there were lots of variants so anything about this gun would be greatly appeciated. And I'd like some help finding the parts needed to replace the stock (if possible, more on that later). This rifle was lent...
  3. Russian
    Early and late 1980s rifles issued to civil defenders of Ukraine, February 2022, source unknown: In the early 2010s, RGuns imported Russian AKM and AK-74 rifles as parts kits from Bulgaria. Rather than scattered examples of many years, the imported lot included several batches of kits, each...
  4. General Discussion
    I recently got my hands on some barrels that are for milled receivers with the breech end being threaded. From what few markings I could find, these barrels are either Polish Combloc, Bulgarian, or Russian production, but a buddy of mine that sold them to me insists that they’re Russian, and...
  5. General Discussion
    Can anyone identify this AKM? Pistol grip looks like light brown bakelite, handguard looks like beech wood. This are the only markings: Thank you!
  6. General Discussion
    Hello all, Thank you for aiding my search to identify which type of AK i have. Research online, checking with other marksman turned out empty whereas my new parts recently ordered aren't fitting whereas they are manufactured for an AK-47 Milled receiver. Last month i bough my first AK-47 which...
1-6 of 6 Results