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hungarian feg

  1. SA85M Dust Cover Finish?

    Can I use a touch up marker such as Birchwood & Casey gloss black? Should I just cerakote or gunkote the entire thing in semi-gloss black? Should I have a auto body shop attempt to fix it? Or last choice do I just throw it in a dumpster? Help!!
  2. WTS Hungarian & Tantal mag sets, Hungarian & Bulgarian bayos

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Please post "I'll take it" and follow up with a PM to me. PP + 4%, USPS MO, or cash. Online payment must be received within 48-hours, snail mail payment within 7-days. All prices are + shipping ($6 or $11 depending on size) unless noted. Cross posted. Not interested in trades. Thank you. 1. &...
  3. Hungarian NGV_5.56x45 mm prototypes.

    Haydee guys and girls, Do you have any of these around in the USA? It is an Hungarian 5.56x45mm calibre version of the AK produced by FEG. Isn't she a beauty?