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  1. Headspace Question

    Hey there, long time lurker first time poster. So, I just finished building my first kit, a fully matching fixed stock Polish AKM. Did the deal proper, used a rivet jig and hydrolic press and the whole shebang. She's a beaut :)I headspaced the virgin barrel using CIP go and no-go gauges...
  2. Checking Headspace - Issues

    General Discussion
    Being the anal-retentive person that I am, I decided to buy some headspace guages and verify the headspace on my CAI GP1975 as well as my VZ2008s. I bought a set of Clymer Go/No Go guages (SAAMI spec), and neither my GP1975 nor any of my VZ2008s will fully close on the Go guage. Both will lock...
  3. Threaded Yugo AK 47 HELP

    Have a threaded Yugoslavian rapid fire receiver took a barrel out of parts kit sawn receiver put barrel in new receiver and for headspace the barrel has a gap between receiver and barrel is not completely tight either do they make a crush spacer please advise