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handguard retainer

  1. AK74 Bolt/Carrier & handguard retainer

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for the following: AK74 parts -Bolt & carrier -handguard retainer
  2. WTB yugo mpap hand guard retainer

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    WTB Zastava m92 hand guard retainer i have made a grave mistake i decided to chop my retainer not to the point its not working but it just pains me to see it so im in the market to buy a new retainer
  3. Handguard falling off

    Hey ya'll I was out shooting the other day and noticed my handguard fell off. There always was a fair amount wiggle room for the retaining cap. I considered applying some J&P weld as a hill-billy fix, another option is a new barrel hopefully with less metal cut out for the retaining cap pin to...
  4. WTB: Various AMD/AKM parts

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    WTB: AMD 65 & AKM Barrels Parts needed: Akm barrel (16") x1 AMD65 barrel (12.5") x2 US barrels preferred Akm hand guard retainer X1 Found Akm grip screw & nutx2 Found AMD65 gas tube x1 Found AMD65 (or similar) top cover x1 Found 47/74 selector stop x1 Found