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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys I've had my Riley Defense RAK47 for a few months now and i've already put around 2,500 rounds through it but I'm looking to swap out the cast hammer for a Romanian milled hammer I just got. The back of the Bolt Carrier has already formed to the shape of the stock hammer where it kept...
  2. Yugoslavian
    A lot has been posted about mushrooming of the tail end of the bolt carrier on Yugos with Tapco triggers. Mine isn't too bad, but I'm looking for an easy change that doesn't involve reprofiling the Tapco hammer or buying a whole new trigger group. I also put in an ALG spring, but it caused a...
  3. PPS 43 / PPSH 41
    !!ATTENTION PPS-43 OWNERS WITH BROKEN HAMMERS!! Were you one of the unlucky ones like myself who had a PPS-43 hammer BREAK?? And you tried fruitlessly to contact I.O. Inc., Radom in Poland, or anyone who would listen to no avail?? Well have I got some good news for YOU! I have finally found a...
  4. PPS 43 / PPSH 41
    Hey, does anyone need a PPS-43C hammer for the Radom semi-auto model? Mine broke about a year ago and I finally found a guy who can make a new one. And legitimately heat-treat the thing too. I'm having a few made, so if anyone needs one, let me know.
1-4 of 4 Results