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  1. Romanian
    Hello, I have a Romanian SAR-1 that I acquired a couple of years ago from a buddy. The finish on it appears to be a parkerized finish and does have scratches and such on it. I’ve been contemplating refinishing it but I am unsure what would be the best product to refinish in (Cerakote...
  2. Build It Yourself
    I just acquired a Hungarian Sa85m, short tube, FEG import, post ban AK. I think the finish has been bubba-fied by someone, but I am not sure. Also, I have never seen a shepherds hook like this. Is this a legit retaining pin? Any advice would help.
  3. Build It Yourself
    I'm going to be building a Russian 1982 AKS-74 clone soon and want to make it dead on for the year, but like many people I've had little to no hands on with a original Rusky. So I have some questions about the parkerized under finish. First, what type was used; magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, ect...
    If one wanted to refinish a Saiga with Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy, could they do it over the standard Saiga finish? Like, what exact finish do they use? I've read that it's parkerized with black paint on top. Is that true? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! ;)
  5. Russian
    (detail to show brush strokes)(color and gloss comparison) Okay, edit of my original post so these show up front page. Today I received the dyes that I needed to color my varnish. If you notice the detail in the photo, The gloss as well as the texture matches the part with the genuine factory...
  6. Yugoslavian
    I have the NPAP M-70 and have bought an unfinished M76 birch stock from Ironwood Designs to replace the factory stock. I need to try to get close to the factory stain and finish for the new stock. Have chosen not to stain and finish the handguards. It does not have to match exactly. I have never...
1-6 of 6 Results