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  1. Does anyone have any pics of El Salvadoran Army Special Forces w/ AKs?

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    According to wikipedia, the Salvadoran Army Special Forces have used a variety of AK type rifles since 1992, presumably captured from the FMLN guerrillas during the war. Does anyone here have any pics of such use?
  2. Could someone identify these types of Kalashnikov in these pics?

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    I came across the following pictures, and I was wondering if someone could tell me which specific models: Topfoto - Preview IMW0171775 - March 10, 1989; Jucuapa, El Salvador-An FMLN guerrilla the age of a teenager rests under the shade of a tree with his AK-47 machine gun in a mountainous area...
  3. Is there any pics of Hungarians from El Salvador?

    Like from the late '80s during the conflict? I'm asking because supposedly the FMLN guerrillas had quite a few AK-63s, from what i heard, and I was hoping to see some pictures.
  4. Central American civil wars

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    I'm new to the forum and I've browsed through the archives but haven't noticed much posted about AKs used in Latin America...namely from the civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Have any of those AK's (seems mostly came via Cuba via China and the Eastern Communist States) ever shown up for...