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  1. Want to Buy/Sell - AR 15 Weapons and Accessories
    For sale is a set of two KCI first generation (polymer feed lips) 100 round drums for AR style rifles (5.56cal) complete with lube, loader, pouch, manual and box. Never used. $225.00 shipped to locations where they are legal ONLY.
  2. Want to Know - What's it Worth
    I have two drum magazines and I just want to know what I have and what they are worth. I sold off all my AK rifles a while ago, but haven't gotten around to unloading all my mags yet. I acquired both these mags over a decade ago, so I have no memory of where I got them nor can I find old...
  3. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    I have a preban Norinco triangle 36 Chinese 90 round drum magazine with original case. Never loaded never used. Only put on once or twice to test the fit. This was in the collection but now I'm getting old and don't think I will ever use it. Price is $275 net shipped.
1-3 of 3 Results