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  1. Adding Triangel Stock to Draco pistol

    Practical Kalashnikov
    Adding Triangle Stock to Draco pistol Hello, Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but does anyone have experience with adding a triangle stock to a Draco pistol? I'm looking for a new project here in NH. However, before I embark I would like to know if it is legal and what the...
  2. Help a Noob with putting a suppressor on Draco-C?

    Optics & Accessories
    Hi Guys, I just bought my first Draco-C, and i wanted to put a suppressor on it. I read that if the barrel exceeds a certain limit its considered a rifle? And all the posts i read are of people welding and pinning it permanently to get the certified rifle description. But i just want a...
  3. My PM md. 80 clone thus far...

    Waiting on form 1 to clear and then it's off to Jim Fuller. I think I may like this more than my Arsenal krinks. Ignore the rifle trunion in the pics. I was so excited to get some pics with the stock that I set the trunion out because I was originally gonna go with a wire folder and make an md90.
  4. WTB/WTT: Draco pistol gas tube

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    I am putting together a parts kit for an 11.5 in SBR build, and the last part I need is the Draco pistol gas tube, and I'm having a hell of a time finding one, and I'd rather not hack up and convert a full size tube. If anyone has one they pulled off a gun you're willing to part with I'd like to...
  5. WTB: Yugo PAP M92 or Draco

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    looking to buy AK pistol, willing to do either Draco or Yugo PAP M92 PM me, will entertain reasonable offers! Location: Texas
  6. FS: Romarm Draco AK Pistol (Southern CA) Local PPT only!

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    FS: Romarm Draco AK Pistol (Southern CA) Local PPT only! *lower price Make: Romarm Model: Draco Caliber: 762x39 Location (city or county): Orange County, CA Price: $850 obo Will ship (Y/N): No Other info: Has original chrome-lined hammer forged barrel, heavily-marbled romanian bakelite...