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  1. Romy G kit insight

    General Discussion
    I'm currently looking at a romy g kit built on a DDI receiver as well as a century arms barrel. Avoid?
  2. DDI Ak-47s help.

    Build It Yourself
    I wasn't quite sure where the correct spot to post this question would be, so I will post it here. I just bought my first AK. A DDI Ak-47s. Other than shooting a few AK's, RPK's, and RPD's in the military, I have no idea what parts are compatible with the different variants. Will the Magpul...
  3. The DDI AK47 Review Thread..... OWNERS and INQUIRERS Only

    Ok. Let's keep this simple and clear: A Final Place for Reviews of American Made DDI AK47's NOTE: This is NOT the place for inexperienced or uninterested parties to praise, mock, troll, bash, flame, or otherwise discuss anything "UNRELATED" to the USA DDI47. RULES: 1) DEFINITIONS "USA...
  4. DDI Milled range report

    I went ahead and ordered one of the DDI milled reciever Rifles a couple of weeks ago from AIM. AIM had it out the door within 4 busines days, and I picked it up a few days later. Cosmetically this Rifle is nicely finished. The manufacturers website says it is Gunkote. It showed up pretty much...