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  1. VEPR: What do I need to convert?

    New Member Introduction
    Hello all, This is my first post. I am currently looking into a VEPR in 223 or in 308. I have never had a rifle before. I understand I need something called a bullet guide to take real AK mags. I also understand many people change out the stock for either side folding or fixed stocks. I want...
  2. ISO Gunsmith in Northern New England for conversion

    Looking for a quality gunsmith in northern New England (VT, NH, ME) who does Saiga conversions. Anyone have any good experience with people in the area? I have had a 5.45 sitting around since 2011? and figure its finally time to get it converted. I do not personally have the time to convert it...
  3. saiga 7.62x39 conversion wont feed

    I'm doing a Saiga stock and grip conversion with a bullet guide and the bolt locks up good and cycles and all mags fit but it wont feed cartridges. It picks up the round from the mag but the bolt wont close and you have to tap it open Any idea's? I should have tried to run some rounds through it...
  4. What components are different; 5.45 vs 5.56? (AIMR or other dual caliber guns)

    Hi there, As I understand, several former eastern bloc countries made 5.56mm variants of their 5.45mm military rifles both to align to the NATO cartridge (and to satisfy export demands I guess). The AIMR SBR seem to be produced in almost identical versions for the two calibers. It is self...
  5. Parts don't fit! is it an AK-47 or AK-63!?!

    General Discussion
    Hello all, Thank you for aiding my search to identify which type of AK i have. Research online, checking with other marksman turned out empty whereas my new parts recently ordered aren't fitting whereas they are manufactured for an AK-47 Milled receiver. Last month i bough my first AK-47 which...
  6. Catamount Fury: the Resurrection

    Go easy on me; my post count is low according to Leviathan. Saw a total of 12 threads on Catamount, and most a bit moldy according to him. So I'll wade into the Sino-aficionado Forum to see if it picks up. Got a Catamount Fury 1 (that bastard) a few months ago. After some world travel, I got...
  7. PSL conversion

    Dragunov and FPK/PSL
    New to this forum, looking for help with my PSL. I'm trying to modify my rifle so that I can put a SVD fore arm and butt stock on there. I've been keeping an eye on the whole ship storm with black horse, are there any other options?
  8. SAM7K Underfolder Conversion Help

    I have seen only one pic of what appears to be a SAM7K underfolder conversion. Do any of you guys have any experience with this process and have any pics? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks! Here is the pic I found on Instagram of member mr_ryan_brown's SAM7K (I believe) UF conversion:
  9. nirinco spiker mak 90 value?

    Want to Know - What's it Worth
    What is a fully converted MAK 90 spiker worth? I recently purchased 2 MAK 90s in near mint condition for $500 each. I came across pre-ban furnature for $70 a set. So currently i have $570 invested in each. Is it worth putting a spike on one of them for $250. can I get my money back if i ever...
  10. WTB; AK74 parts

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Just bought a Saiga IZ240 AK74. I'm needing a few parts to convert it. At this point the items I need help locating are as follows, 1 X ak74 90 degree gas block with bayonet lug 1 X ak74 front sight block with bayonet lug threaded for 74 style muzzle brake 1 X ak74 muzzle brake If you have...
  11. Saiga value?

    Want to Know - What's it Worth
    So since the ban I know the value has increased but when checking ou gunbroker and similar sites the prices are wildly different. So what would be a good number to value a new unfired converted saiga in7.62x39?
  12. 9mm AK build videos

    Build It Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm in the process of uploading my 9mm AK build videos. I had to back up during the build and set the barrel back as close as I could get it to the magwell, so the video didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked. Anyhow, other people can see what I did and improve on the work, thats...
  13. VEPR 12 US Conversion Parts

    Thinking I'd never really own a VEPR or Saiga, I never really paid attention to what people have been doing to maintain the correct number of US parts once they begin to alter the rifles/shotguns and be able to have fun things like folding stocks, etc... but that's about to change. Reading...