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  1. Troubleshooting
    Howdy folks, just bought a Riley Defense RAK 47 (polymer version) with compensator (slanted akm version), this thing is on way tighter than I thought, looked at all the videos of other ak's and it seems you should just press the button on the front sight block and twist and it should come off...
  2. Krinkovs
    Anyone had any experience with one of these? I was giving it serious consideration for my slr-104ur sbr project. https://texasshooterssupply.com/product/tss-fyrestryke-compensatorflash-hider-hybrid-5-45/
    For my Saiga 132SM 7.62x39. Does such a thread protector exist? Or just a basic compensator/flash hider/brake that would cover the whole thread and use the lock that is flat black?
  4. Chinese
    Today, I picked up a 1993 milled MAK-90 on a trade and there's a funky flash hider/compensator pinned onto the muzzle. Can anyone identify what kind it is, who makes it (company & nationality), is it original or a mod, etc? I've never seen anything like it. Any accurate help would be...
1-4 of 4 Results