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  1. WTS Russian "AK-105" 102 / 104 / 105 cleaning rods

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    ALL SOLD Russian "AK-105" 102 / 104 / 105 cleaning rods ALL SOLD AK 102/104/105 / SLR-104/106/107 CR length cleaning rods These are "replicas" like the JMAC ones because they were cut down from full length cleaning rods. BUT, these are RUSSIAN cleaning rods cut and threaded in RUSSIA by a...
  2. Arsenal Sam7r-66 Cleaning Rod guide HELP

    Hello guys I would like thank you in advance for reading this. I'm a second time AK owner and I love it. I will admit I am new to the community so bear with me here guys... So I'm just gonna jump rt to the point here... I bought a Sam7-66 (PO-01 quadrail) that allows the operator to store his...
  3. Cleaning Rod for an Egyptian Maadi RPM?

    Hello, New to the forum. I just inherited an Egyptian Maadi RPM (20 inch barrel) from a family member. However, it didn't come with the cleaning rod. Anyone know where I can acquire this cleaning rod? Every place I look doesn't have this size of a cleaning rod. Thanks! Ed
  4. Replacement for AK cleaning rod?

    General Discussion
    I'm still torn between Magpul's soon to be distributed MOE AK and Zhukov handguard. I want to pick AK version because it lets you keep cleaning rod. If you pick Zhukov, you can't keep cleaning rod because of a barrel clamp in front portion. However, I'm still going ahead with getting MOE AK...