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  1. Has the quality of Century Arms Romanian AKs improved ever since they got expensive?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I've been out of the AK market for awhile. Last one I bought was an Waffen Werks 74 because it was one of few AKs in between Arsenal and Century prices. I remember not long ago the Romanians used to be around 3-500$ but they often had issues like key-holing, canted...
  2. WTS: Century C39v2 Excellent condition (many pics attached) $650

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    * NO LONGER AVAILABLE* Looking to sell my Century C39v2, less than 500 rounds through it, in pristine condition on the outside, normal wear on the inside, frequently cleaned and lubed and always properly stored. Have AK Master Mount side mount installed. Will include on PMAG with the rifle. I...
  3. Where to find Yugo side mount for optics??

    Optics & Accessories
    I just recently purchased a Zastava M90...This thing shoots amazingly well with just open sights. That said, I now would like to find a side rail mount that will fit this Yugo (Serbian) gun. Please help!
  4. Tale of Two WASRs

    Hello! Newbie to AKs and this forum so please bear with me and my AK ignorance. Like many others here, I have "cut my teeth" by getting a WASR-10. I bought two because if one is a good thing then two have to be twice as good, right? 1. The serial numbers are VERY different on...
  5. First day at the range with my first "AK"

    Picked up a C39v2 on Wednesday. I just returned from the range. I must say,"I'm diggin AK's." 2 to 3 inch shot group with iron sights. I need optics to do that on an AR.
  6. C39 Micro AK Pistol Milled

    Kalashnikov Pistols
    Here are a few pics of the New Milled AK Micro pistol offered by Century Arms , They feature a 6.25 inch barrel , milled receiver & optic rail .