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  1. USA
    Ive made it to America after leaving California finally and decided on buying the Century Arms C39 V2 AK. I have been doing some digging and have seen that Midwest Industries has M-Lok Handguards. Gen2 AK M-Lok Handguard Standard 1913 Picatinny | AK Universal Handguards | Midwest Industries, Inc...
  2. Optics & Accessories
    When it comes to the Century Arms C39V2 and a Primary Arms 1-6x scope (which I bought for my 300AAC), which would be the best method of mounting it... barrel mount, rear sight replacement mount, or a side-rail mount? Are there others I'm not considering? Thanks all.
  3. Optics & Accessories
    hello, I just purchased a new Century Arms C39v2 unfortunately, it does not have a side rail mount . Is this because I got a cheaper version of the C39v2 ? What are my options ? I saw a youtube video () but this looks beyond my skill level. Thanks,Peter
  4. USA
    so i have a c39v2 with its proprietary side mount. what i would like to know is what SIDE RAIL will fit on there? i have a aim point that i would like to stick on the top but i dont know what side rail to go with. the only thing that i can see that works is the red army standard mount...
  5. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Perfect condition. Basically almost never used as I switched to magpul stuff almost immediately. $30 plus you pay shipping.
  6. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    * NO LONGER AVAILABLE* Looking to sell my Century C39v2, less than 500 rounds through it, in pristine condition on the outside, normal wear on the inside, frequently cleaned and lubed and always properly stored. Have AK Master Mount side mount installed. Will include on PMAG with the rifle. I...
  7. USA
    I wasn't sure about this gun it seemed like a cool concept and seems to have mixed reviews but I watched a review on it by Iraq war veteran 8888 and honestly it had me convinced to areas give it a try. So I just ordered one today instead of a npap underfolder I was thinking about trying out. If...
  8. USA
    Does anyone know if the Troy Industries Short Lower Handguard will fit on a Century Arms C39V2 without modifications? Or if it does require modifications, what are they?
  9. USA
    Cleaning gun after putting 100 rounds down range yesterday, happy with how bolt/bolt carrier looks. Then this happens Is this a big enough problem to call and deal with Century customer support over, or will the gun still go bang reliably?
  10. USA
    Anyone have strong opinions on the gen 3 dog leg dust cover w/pic rail from TWS for the C39V2? Watched AKOU's youtube video, and it seemed to be 'inconclusive' for the time being. I didn't feel like waiting for the C39V3, only to be forced to use CAI's proprietary scope mount. Hoping TWS is a...
  11. USA
    Picked up a C39v2 on Wednesday. I just returned from the range. I must say,"I'm diggin AK's." 2 to 3 inch shot group with iron sights. I need optics to do that on an AR.
  12. Build It Yourself
    I just purchased a C39v2. It is my first AK or variant. I want to put a folding stock on it without grinding, cutting or damaging the original components in any way. I know the Magpul kit fits, but i would prefer something else. Has anyone used the Ace kits? What do y'all recommend?
1-12 of 12 Results