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bulgarian ak 74

  1. WTB Bulgarian AK 74 5.45 front trunnion and barrel parts

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Like I said need front trunnion and barrel components for a Bulgy 74 in 5.45 . trunnion can be 22 or 23 mm. Pm's work best thanks
  2. WTS Russian AKS Triangle Stock with Rear Trunnion and Latch Parts

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Russian AKs-74 Triangle Stock with Ribbed Buttplate. Rear Trunnion, latch parts, pins, spring included. 4.5mm pivot pin. I brought this from K-Var a few years back but never installed it. Stock includes everything needed to install. Look at pics. Feel free to contact me with any questions...
  3. Best place to buy a fully assembled receiver?

    Build It Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm about to start my first build project, and I'm looking around for fully assembled receivers. I want to pick up a Bulgarian parts kit but haven't completely decided yet. Any suggestions?
  4. Bulgarian AK74 intact original barrel kit, '89, Matching, 3-digit carrier, Exc cond!

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SPF: Bulgarian AK74 intact orig Military Bbl kit, '89, matching, Exc cond! SPF: Bulgarian AK74 original, intact barreled kit, 5.45 x 39mm, excellent for home builders, Soviet '83-era clone builds (has a three-digit bolt carrier), the least expensive AK74 to build... Bulgarian armorers already...
  5. AK74 Parts Kit Questions BP-AK74US-1

    Build It Yourself
    Hello everyone! Hoping you guys can help me with an AK47 build. I really like Arsenal Inc AK parts, so I decided to build an AK47 chambered in 7.62x39. The only problem is that k-var only sells 5.45x39 kits at the moment. Here is the one I am looking at specifically: Bulgarian AK 74 Rifle...