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  1. Big Closet Cleanout Sale

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Lots of stuff for sale. Priced to move, I will charge $5.00 flat rate shipping regardless of how much or little you buy. Discrete Paypal gift or postal money order only. 1.) New unissued complete Tantal stocks. Includes ALL components including pins, levers and screws (screws not pictured)...
  2. Thread protector that would cover the whole thing?

    For my Saiga 132SM 7.62x39. Does such a thread protector exist? Or just a basic compensator/flash hider/brake that would cover the whole thread and use the lock that is flat black?
  3. Best Muzzle Brake for the Price AK 47

    Optics & Accessories
    My budget is rather limited. I wouldn't want to spend more than $60 (preferably much less if possible). Does anyone have any suggestions? The one I have now (Tapco Chaos/Razr) doesn't really do much. Though it may be good a flash suppression (haven't shot at night yet)
  4. New Thunder Beast CB Series

    Silencer Shop
    Back in May Thunder Beast announced that they will be making a new series of silencer to replace the BA (Brake Attach) models. The CB (Compact Brake) series uses the same baffles as the BA series but has a new shorter muzzle brake. Thunder Beast claims that the new brake reduces recoil by 30%...