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amd 65

  1. Turning a AMD build kit into a pistol build kit.

    Build It Yourself
    Hello, I'm new to the AK world and I'm interested in building an AK from scratch. I was looking into buying an AMD 65 kit and turn it into a pistol with a side folding flat receiver. If I go this route, can I avoid section 922r and use the original FCG and other components included in the kit? I...
  2. AMD65 Buttstock

    Just got the new AMD65 Buttstock and love it, was wondering if anyone else has any experience with it yet. It's a two piece goes on without modification and gives you a check rest to improve your sighting and still allows the stock to fold. Here are a couple of photos. I'm loving it so far!
  3. WTS AK parts lot

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    WTS AK parts lot (price drop) I accept discreet paypal gift option. First unconditional “I’ll take it” followed by a PM with your name and shipping address gets it. Cross posted on other forums. Parts Lot $25 shipped USPS priority mail Contact me first if you have any questions or concerns...
  4. Tapco G2 trigger group finish

    Build It Yourself
    I just finished building (really assembled them and opened the magwells and trigger wells) 2 Hungarian AMD63 Parts kits. The kits went together very well, I replaced the single hook triggers with Tapco Double Hook Trigger groups. I felt the finish on the triggers and hammers was rough and had...