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  1. Hungarian
    Just got the new AMD65 Buttstock and love it, was wondering if anyone else has any experience with it yet. It's a two piece goes on without modification and gives you a check rest to improve your sighting and still allows the stock to fold. Here are a couple of photos. I'm loving it so far!
  2. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    WTB: AMD 65 & AKM Barrels Parts needed: Akm barrel (16") x1 AMD65 barrel (12.5") x2 US barrels preferred Akm hand guard retainer X1 Found Akm grip screw & nutx2 Found AMD65 gas tube x1 Found AMD65 (or similar) top cover x1 Found 47/74 selector stop x1 Found
  3. Hungarian
    Hi Everyone, i am starting this thread for the many AK63D/AMMS and few AKM-63 kits that have just hit the market. Plese post your numbers here in a format of what you have, vs what you need. I have two kits in the mail now and will add them ASAP. Anyone with a AK Files membership plese...
1-3 of 3 Results