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  1. TULA malfunctions

    Ammunition & Reloading
    Is anyone else seeing a recent downgrade in quality from Tula and their steel cased ammo? I've been getting it for a very long time now and have pumped countless amounts of rounds (both .223 and 7.62 in FMJ, HP, & SP) through my guns and have never once had any malfunctions with the ammo. It is...
  2. WTS SAIGA Arsenal Conversion AK 103

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    As said in title. It was a SAIGA that Arsenal converted into an actual AKM type rifle. I can send more pictures and am willing to ship to a valid FFL. Asking 1450 or best offer. Comes with 1 Chinese Mag. I have other mags Check out my other posts for the other rifles pictured
  3. Help with 1.6 mm Armory USA Receiver

    New Member Introduction
    Picked up a 1.6 mm armory USA receiver over 5 years ago and have decided to use it with a all matching Polish AKM kit. It’s been a complex build so far and is also a rust bluing project as well. Fitting has been quite a to do. Though I still have a little grittiness towards the end of the bolt...
  4. WTS 2 1960s Russian Tula AKM Rear Sight Blocks - For Sale or Trade

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    1960s Russian Tula AKM Rear Sight Block - Final Price Drop I have two 60s milled Tula AKM Rear Sight Blocks with Rear Sight Leafs I would like to trade away or sell. Both have great proofs as shown in photos. If you received a 60's Tula kit with an Izzy RSB, these are for you. If you are...
  5. [WTB][WTT] Izzy Milled Rear Sight Block with or without RSL for '68 RGuns Kit

    Hi All, I am looking to buy or trade for a '68 Izzy Milled Rear Sight Block with/or without an Izzy Rear Sight Leaf for a '68 Izhmash Russian AKM Parts Kit from RGuns. Anyone who has one of the RGuns Parts kits want to sell the part or trade for the Tula Milled RSB and RSL? If you want to...
  6. Would a AKM bolt work in a AK-103?

    I was wondering if anyone here would know the answer, if the two rifles bolts are interchangeable.
  7. WTB 7.62x39 Bullet guide

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    want to buy 7.62 bullet guide, preferably milled, but apparently milled and stamped are the same thing so I suppose either would do. I need one as one did not come with my kit, and I can't seem to find them online.
  8. WTS Russian 5.45x39 Extractors, 7.62 firing pins, AKM FSB, GB, HGR, Polish bake grip, Mak

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    PRICE DROP 04/15/19! Rules: -First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please! -CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules -I accept discreet PayPal F&F or +3% (no gun words!), USPS Money Orders, or Cash -If you have any questions, please PM me. -All items will be shipping from the US...
  9. Can someone tell me what model AKM rifle is in the following pic?

    General Discussion
    Is ti Soviet origin, or some other? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_in_the_military#mediaviewer/File:ERP_combatants_Perqu%C3%ADn_1990_35.jpg
  10. Does anyone have any pics of El Salvadoran Army Special Forces w/ AKs?

    General Discussion
    According to wikipedia, the Salvadoran Army Special Forces have used a variety of AK type rifles since 1992, presumably captured from the FMLN guerrillas during the war. Does anyone here have any pics of such use?
  11. WTS Russian Laminate Wood Sets - Type 3 AK47, AKM, Cheap Used/BFPU/Project Sets, T1 PG

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    PRICE DROP Russian Laminate Wood Sets T3, AKM, Cheap Used/BFPU/Project Sets, T1 PG ANOTHER PRICE DROP 08/24! Want these sets gone! If you want more than one set, send me offers! The few remaining sets are marked "STILL AVAILABLE >" Have some more Russian Soviet wood furniture sets for your...
  12. Can anyone identify this AK?

    General Discussion
    Can anyone identify this AKM? Pistol grip looks like light brown bakelite, handguard looks like beech wood. This are the only markings: Thank you!
  13. trying to figure out what the heck this ak was made

    General Discussion
    trying to figure out when the heck this ak was made I have a arsenal usa Houston tx ssr-85c. model number is sk-100. above the model number it says rec feg hungary. Can not find any website or manufacturer to call. figured this would be the next place to ask. Thanks for your help. I noted there...
  14. A article you guys may be interested in...

    General Discussion
    This is about arms smuggling to Yemen and Somalia. I'm posting it, because apart from the AK pics which you guys may find intriguing, I was wondering if the presumed Iranian-made AKMs are indeed Iranian. Does anyone here know? www.conflictarm.com/download-file/?report_id=2444&file_id=2445
  15. Type 1 stamped receiver vs AKM receiver

    AK Reference Library
    Does anyone know of a good source for comparing and contrasting the type 1 AK47 stamped receiver versus the modernized (AKM) stamped receiver?
  16. WTS WTS: Polymer (black and plum)/wooden stock sets for AKM, 74, 74S, 74M

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Hello everyone! I would like to offer you some stock sets for your AKs. But, firstly, some terms: 1) "I will take it" rule really matters 2) I accept PayPal +4% only, sorry for that! 3) Shipping is free 4) I ship ONLY via registered airmail 5) Some items are crossposted on Ebay Wooden stocks...
  17. at a loss!

    McKay Enterprises
    Guy's, In the last few days we have sold over 120 M16 fire control sets. we are keeping them restocked for now, and have not increased the price. also a bump in M16 lowers and pencil barrels. so, it begs the question, What is going on??????? Are new kits coming to market we do not know about...
  18. A MOLOT/Baikal/Concern Kalashnikov products in local russian gun store.

    General Discussion
    Hello guys. Just want to show you some prices and some Saigas/Veprs in a local gun store. No politics, or anything like that. Small intro: Ekaterinburg is a fourth-largest city in Russia, approx. population - about 1 400 000 inhabitants, about 6% inhabitants own a gun. For now (26.09.17) $1 =...
  19. WTS Maadi ARM Egyptian AKM 7.62x39 Russian Tula Furniture

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    SOLD (off forum) Egyptian Maadi ARM 7.62x39 rifle. Imported by ACC INT/Intrac of Knoxville, TN. The ARM model is one of the nicest in the Maadi series of rifles. This rifle was purchased as "New, Old Stock" and does not appear to have ever been fired. This rifle comes with the following...
  20. WTS AK Parts and Accessories CHEAP. TRADE OPTIONS!

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Here i'm selling some extra bits and bobs, i would also gladly trade any number of these items for the following Yugo SKS M59\66 dustcover and recoil spring Yugo SKS leather sling Yugo M70 receiver and rivets Yugo M70 solid stock Balkan war trench art Chinese T56 AK bayonet and lug as well as...