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  1. New Builder needs AK74 help.

    Build It Yourself
    I've done my best with forum searching and checking with Dr. Google. Can someone confirm what I think I know about AK74 parts? I'm late to this party and plan to use a lot of aftermarket parts anyway, so I'm pulling together individual parts for my build. I also know there are special unicorn...
  2. SPF: Arsenal AK Black Folding Stock Set 4.5mm

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SPF Excellent condition. Stock may have been installed at some point but the handguards w/ heat shield have not. $90 SHIPPED PP F&F or Venmo for payment. Post an "I'll take it" and follow up by messaging me your mailing address. I Ship quickly. Item is cross posted so time stamp will apply.
  3. WTB Bulgarian AK 74 5.45 front trunnion and barrel parts

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Like I said need front trunnion and barrel components for a Bulgy 74 in 5.45 . trunnion can be 22 or 23 mm. Pm's work best thanks
  4. WTB Dual feed AK-74 Stripper Clips

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for AK-74 stripper clips (in NOS condition if possible) that can be fed into stripper clip guides from either side.
  5. WTS AK74 Parts Kit. Numbers matching, Unissued.

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SOLD: AK74 Parts Kit. Numbers matching, Unissued. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Bulgarian AK74 parts kit. All numbers matching including trunnion, bolt and carrier, top cover, safety selector. Still covered in cosmo and this thing is beautiful. I bought this kit as un-issued and I believe it is. Feel...
  6. AK74 Bolt/Carrier & handguard retainer

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for the following: AK74 parts -Bolt & carrier -handguard retainer
  7. WTB Looking to Buy and AK74 parts kit

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for any variant of an AK74 parts kit.
  8. WTB AKS-74, VEPR 5.45 or Arsenal 74 clone [SW PA]

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    CLOSED: Found one on ARFCOM Wanting to buy a Triangle folder AK-74 or a non-sporting variant VEPR in 5.45, or a non-ban SLR105. Also need mags & ammo Must be a side folder. Open to a wide price range so shoot me offers! Will do FTF in W/SW PA & Pittsburgh Metro/Tri-state
  9. WTB Arsenal SLR-104FR or AK74 Variant

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for an Arsenal SLR-104FR for a F2F sale around the NC or southern VA area.
  10. WTS NEW Russian Ratnik Mag AK74M3 AK12 AK15 RPK16 Izhmash 5.45x39 AK74 Izhevsk

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    $408 NEW Russian Ratnik Mag AK74M3 AK12 AK15 RPK16 Izhmash 5.45x39 AK74 Izhevsk BIG PRICE DROP Reduced hours at work, so selling the last one in my collection Brand New AK74 "Ratnik" mag in 5.45x39, the newest of the new from Izhevsk / Kalashnikov Concern in Russia. Also known as the...
  11. Wtb ak74 rsb

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for a RSB assy for a ak74 in 545x39. Russian or bulgarian needed. I need a matching front trunnion if you have it also.
  12. Does anyone here know if the Type 88 AK-74 was exported and if so to whom?

    Also, it's been said that it's actually in use by the PLA Marines. Is that true?
  13. WTB Looking for East German Akˋs

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Hello, I would like to buy a East German Ak parts Kit or deactivated gun... Is here anyone that sells one? With Kind regars Exweller
  14. Optic Repair Service

    Optics & Accessories
    Does anyone know of a place where I can get optics repaired? I have a Russian Kobra that has some problems with its elevation turret. It is extremely difficult to turn, and Kalinka told me that they do not have technicians on deck to handle that kind of request, nor do they have any spare Kobras...
  15. WTS AK47 / AK Mags Chinese, Yugo, Romanian, Bulgy + Mosin Clips

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Cool Assortment of Magazines Chinese 40 Round Flatback Magazine - $60 3 U.S. PALM 7.62x39 Magazines - $25 EACH. Hungarian Tanker 20 Round Magazine - SOLD Circle 10 Bulgarian 20 Round 5.56 Mag Feed Lips Cracked, Sold as is. - $20 Yugo M77 Magazine 308 - $35 Shortened 5.45x39 AIMS74 5...
  16. Krinkov 74 Hinge Block?

    Where can I find these? Can't seem to find any place that sells them.
  17. Question: Reason for different XY stampings on AK-74's?

    Why do AKM stampings look like YXY, and AK-74 stampings look like yXY? Also, Tula AK-74 stampings are different too, they're more like: '|'XY
  18. Dumb Question about ak74 front trunnion

    Build It Yourself
    I'm having major trouble finding an AK74 Front Trunnion. Are 47 Front Trunnions relatively interchangeable? I know some things won't find certain countries styles but broadly speaking will a 47/M fit onto an ak74? I'm having a lot of trouble finding info on that. Thanks for any help posted!
  19. When did the West start to become aware of synthetic plum furniture AK-74s?

    I know that production of the plum furniture models started in 1985, so I was wondering when did we first become aware of them and how? When did photos first started to show them? Or did I already ask this question?
  20. WTS AK-74 5.56 Nitride Barrels

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    I have (2) USA AK-74 Bulgarian profile 5.56 virgin 16" Nitride barrels. Made from 4150 with 1-9 twist. Gas port not drilled. F2F in North Dallas, USPS Money Order or Paypal F&F. Barrel 1 = $̶1̶3̶5̶ ̶$̶1̶2̶0̶ $115 includes shipping CONUS Barrel 2 = $̶1̶3̶5̶ ̶$̶1̶2̶0̶ $115 includes shipping...