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  1. WTS Russian "AK-105" 102 / 104 / 105 cleaning rods

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    ALL SOLD Russian "AK-105" 102 / 104 / 105 cleaning rods ALL SOLD AK 102/104/105 / SLR-104/106/107 CR length cleaning rods These are "replicas" like the JMAC ones because they were cut down from full length cleaning rods. BUT, these are RUSSIAN cleaning rods cut and threaded in RUSSIA by a...
  2. Who to build historically accurate AK104?

    Now that Mario at POHF isn't taking builds, who can do accurate AK100 builds? Particularly with dimpled barrel components and new markings on the receiver?
  3. SLR 107CR Muzzle device questions

    Im on my way to SBRing my 107CR and have been considering a Bulgarian 4 piece and a Zenitco DTK-2. As I was looking at the DTK, I noticed the detent slots might not match up to my rifle. Looking at it head on, my rifles detent is at about 10 o clock. The DTK looks to have slots at 12 and 11 o...
  4. Modernized AK rifles AK101 104 105

    General Discussion
    Guys, looking for input here. I have an opportunity to start selling 101's 104's and 105's. Is it worth it? I love these guns but you can still get 500 dollar AK's all day and I am wondering if the crowd is there? Let me know what you think!