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  1. Does anyone here have any pics of Model Two AK-47s in Latin America?

    How numerous were they? More specifically, I'm looking for pics from Nicaragua or Cuba.
  2. FAIR price for this Saiga 308?

    I picked this up used for a decent price right after our beloved pres. banned these evil Russian AKs. Still probably overpaid, but regardless I don't shoot it and want to let it go. Did a CG marketplace search (as always) as well as a gunbroker search. Neither revealed much. Most of what I...
  3. WTS AKM Custom Finished Combloc Red Furniture

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    WTS AK-74 Poly Furniture & AKM Custom Finished Combloc Red Set AK-74 Black Polymer Furniture Set Combo This set is surplus, but in nice condition. I believe the buttstock and handguards to be Russian. The pistol grip is U.S. made. Set includes the following items: Black Polymer AK-74...
  4. My first AK opinions would be appreciated

    General Discussion
    Hello all I'm a new member to the forum. I have a slight issue I was hoping to get some opinions on. I'm planning on buying an AK Varient coming up in January unfortunately for me I'm not well educated in the world of AK pattern rifles as I would like to be. I've narrowed down the criteria...
  5. WTS - AK-47 Rear Sight Block Assembly, Bulgarian - RSB

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Selling an AK-47 Rear Sight Block Assembly. $35 Shipped Cross listed. Thanks.
  6. WTS - Romaian AKM Kit

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SOLD I am an AK building newb, I attempted to screw build this romanian kit that had the barrel already populated. I'm pretty sure I ground down the top rails too much which causes it to bind up and get stuck in the back position. I have decided to get out of the building hobby, would like cut...
  7. WTS Bulgarian Circle 10 7.62x39 Magazine (New)

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    WTS Bulgarian Circle 10 7.62x39 & 5.56 Mags SOLD (2) Bulgarian Circle 10 Black Polymer 5.56 Magazines. Used (Very Good Condition). Price: $38 each (+ shipping from NC). I accept DISCREET Paypal (+3.5%) and USPS money orders. Not interested in trades. Cross posted. No sales to restricted...
  8. New Member, First AK, Cold Creek Customs AMMS

    General Discussion
    Gents, After a long time lurking and researching AK-47s I decided to pull the trigger on a de-milled Hungarian AMMS AK-63D kit from Arms of America. I don't have the tools nor expertise to re-build an AK myself so after looking around for a while I found an AKFiles member, Brandon at Cold...
  9. A couple of questions about the AKK...

    First off, when did the AKK start to have a synthetic pistol grip and buttstock? The 1970s? Second, does anyone know where they were exported to during the Communist era?
  10. WASR Purchase from Atlantic Firearms

    I picked one of the worst times in history to decide to buy an AK-47. Having said that, I am thinking about getting a WASR from Atlantic Firearms, then sending it in for the Rifle Dynamics WASR Upgrade. I want a super-reliable rifle that always goes bang when I pull the trigger that I could use...
  11. WTB Complete Stamped AK 47 receiver 7.62x39

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    As the tittle states, I am looking for a stamped AK 47 receiver to purchase. The thing is that I would like to purchase this face to face from someone in VA. FFL transfer is ok but I'm one of those crazy people that doesn't want my name run through a government database everytime I want to buy a...
  12. Yemen wedding ‘Gangnam Style’ celebration dancer accidentally shoots AK-47

    General Discussion
    Yemen wedding celebration to ‘Gangnam Style’ ends with three dead when dancer accidentally shoots AK-47 The horrifying mistake turned the dance floor into a bloodbath and sent guests running in horror...
  13. Polish AK-47 Hellpup Pistol 7.62x39

    Kalashnikov Pistols
    Polish AK-47 Hellpup Pistol 7.62x39 Manufactured in Poland by Radom 7.62x39 High Capacity Semi-Auto Includes (2) 30 RD Mags 11.5" Barrel with Muzzle Brake. Free Shipping (1st 48 States). Polish AK-47 Pistol 7.62x39 with (2) 30RD Mags #AKAGUN-POLHP And now priced at $500. 348 units in stock...