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  1. AK105 Clone

    My 105 clone conversion done by Piece of History on a Saiga SGL31-68. Before I give any details about the parts used on this project. I would like to thank POGI for graciously selling me the proper 105 booster and also a mil. stock and trunnion. The Barrel is a Bulgarian 12.5, Front sight gas...
  2. AK105 Build Sale!!! Special Price!!!

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    For Sale: -Bulgarian AK-105 Clone -Caliber 5,45x39 -built by myself on Nodak Spud NDS-2SF receiver with Bulgarian Markings (1 US part) -Fully 922r Compliant Parts Used: -Kvar Bulgarian 105 Factory barrel assembly with drilled gas port. -Bulgarian 4.5mm trunnion and triangle stock -Correct...