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  1. Optics & Accessories
    I have a Belomo PO 4x17 scope with a 5.45x39 BDC reticle. I would like to use it on an SLR-106fr. Does the drop of the 62 grain 5.56x45 round match that of the 7n6?
  2. Want to Sell - Ammunition
    WTS: Russian 54R Crates FtF Houston, TX Hi al. I will update with pics and any additional details later, but this is it: 1 Sealed crate of 7N6 $450 3 crates of Russian surplus 54R. Two crates (880rds each) are unopened. One crate is opened – with one tin open and 40-50 rounds removed (so...
1-2 of 5 Results