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  1. WTS WTS/WTT MMC Armory AR15 Tactical C16.1

    Want to Sell - Non AK Firearms Related
    SOLD...SOLD...SOLD MMC Armory AR15 Tactical C16.1 Beautifully built High End Mil Spec AR15 with only 6 mags run through it to sight in an ACOG & EOTech that I had and sold. This gun is like new!!! Pics of Rifle here or can email pics: https://www.mmcarmory.com/product/tactical-c16-1/ MMC...
  2. WTK: Norinco 84S

    Want to Know - What's it Worth
    Want to know what this gun is worth; tried doing some searching and not having the best of luck. The details: -Norinco 84s -Chambered in 5.56 -Fixed wood stock -PreBan -Bayonet lug (NO bayonet) -Factory sling -Factory cleaning kit -Factory Manual -Factory 30 round mag -NO original box -Blueing...