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  1. Any US made 5.45x39?

    Ammunition & Reloading
    I couldn't find anything in the threads about this recently, but aside from hornady are there any US ammo companies making inexpensive 5.45x39 ammo? The one thing really stopping me from jumping into the 5.45 AK game (aside from money) is the fact that I'm not overly confident about the...
  2. Looking for 5.45x39 Krinkov Hinge block

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    I'm looking for a Krinkov 5.45 Hinge block that the dust cover fits into.
  3. TSS Fyrestryke

    Anyone had any experience with one of these? I was giving it serious consideration for my slr-104ur sbr project. https://texasshooterssupply.com/product/tss-fyrestryke-compensatorflash-hider-hybrid-5-45/
  4. Advice on first AK

    General Discussion
    I couldn't decide whether to post this in the Bulgarian section or here, so my choice is obvious. Alright, I'm 17 years old. If nobody figured it out (or if anyone cares, lol), the first thread I posted was about myself. I've grown up around firearms. My father bought his Maadi AKM right before...
  5. Barrel Proof Mark ID Help Needed

    General Discussion
    I recently acquired a nice RPK-74 5.45x39mm Barrel assembly. It is chrome lined, blued and proof marked on the right side at the 3 O'clock position as shown. The barrel parts are cast and gray parkerized/phosphate finished and have proof mark numbers hand stamped into them. The barrel...