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General Information

Gen 1 Galil ace/JRA Gallant/Icon Micro Galil
IWI Galil ace
7.62 & 556
I am a craftsman out of Youngstown Ohio who enjoys designing and fabricating handmade wooden furniture for all types of firearms. Have made a few small things here and there in the past, but just recently got back into it, and am now producing more elaborate pieces, or complete sets. These few examples are my personal firearms, but the sky is the limit for what I am able to produce. I went to school for industrial design, and see that there is a real need or desire for handmade custom wooden furniture. It is always my total goal to make sure there’s a seamless blend between ergonomics, style and of course functionality. I know that each and everyone of us have purchased something at some point in time, all excited to get it out and use it. Only to then run into different specs or features that just make you think, “did the person who designed this even think before they put it out to market”. When I build something, I put as much thought and testing into it first myself, to insure it’s logically designed as well as maintaining unique stylings. Bran new to the forum, and thought this would be a good place to start getting my stuff out there. Thanks to anyone who reads, feel free to message me about any projects you may want produced!