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FIDZ Firearm Furnishings
it is clear that there is a real need and desire for custom made wooden furniture, so I am now getting back into sculpting/woodworking, and this is the direction I’ve been taking it lately.
If anyone would like to have something custom made for their firearms, please feel free to drop me a line. I’m always flexible and willing to work with someone w in their budgets, time frames etc. If you have any kind of out of the box or abstract ideas, I gladly take on the challenge to accommodate those as well. Even if there’s a handful of other designs you like, but would want some kind of Frankenstein mix, bring me your ideas. I went to school for industrial design, I’m a skilled craftsman and I am a proficient drafter. As long as I can get the correct measurements I need, the sky is the limit for what I can produce. I also take special care to insure there is a seamless balance between ergonomics, style, and most important, functionality. Far too many times we all have purchased a top dollar item only to find some aspects of the design were clearly not thought out before a price tags slapped on and they’re thrown into circulation. I am always up for trades and bartering as well, as I honestly feel like this is how the whole world should operate. It would be a much better place for it. These are only a handful of my latest projects, and in no way am I limited to only the Galil rifles. I can very easily produce AR furniture, AK variants, and as I said before just about anything as long as I get the proper measurements I need. Would love to hear from you all, thank you for looking over my post.



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