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Thread: The stupidest question you were ever asked in the military?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyb View Post
    The Navy is famous for eating its own, in my experience anything that went wrong the officers looked for an enlisted scape goat.

    It seemed it was the only thing they knew how to do.
    In my experience, I would say that a lot of any senior position does this, it isn't just the officers. People are people, and a piece of fabric does not make the man. Senior enlisted can be some of the absolute worst to deal with because of such a high slave mentality. Some seem to be always looking for a way to throw one of their own under the bus. They think it makes them look like a good leader.

    I really think that most of this stems from the need for preservation. These types of people really don't have the motivation to do anything at all, and they are trapped in the military, which is a career they don't necessarily want. They also need to keep collecting their welfare check. You gotta pay the hookers and keep yourself drunk somehow. Plus, that fat bitch at home who doesn't work, with the three kids you hate has to eat too.
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    From what I can see, Navy heads are constantly rolling, and these are upper echelon “O” types. We’ve had a slew of mishaps and collisions over the past few years and it seems they waste no time relieving skippers and even admirals. Recently one or two female executive level Navy O’s were even relieved for lack of confidence which is something that would be difficult to do in the Army with it’s big gender push these last coinciding years. Don’t even get me STARTED on military gender politics.

    When I got back from Ranger school as an E-4 we were treated as NCOs, fulfilled NCO rolls, and were quickly pipelined to Buck Sergeant. During this time we were held 100% accountable for the actions and performance of our subordinates. If they were fucked up, we were fucked up, and we would pay a heavy price, sometimes from the 1SG himself. It worked. Specialists and SGTs in my unit were some hard working, hard charging motherfuckers. IMO we epitomized what a leader should be. It seemed once you got into the E-6 community this attitude started to wane and the blame game only got worse as you went up the ranks. Platoon SGTs and up would tend to avoid taking responsibility for their failures and go to great lengths to put it on one or more their men. We weren’t without our rock stars at that level all the way up to the CSM, but by and large they were useless buddy fuckers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBLUE View Post
    They don't smoke marijuana or take their trips on LSD., they don't burn their flags on main street., and white lightning's still the biggest thrill of all.
    I was actually born in Muskogee too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeZulu View Post
    We weren’t without our rock stars at that level all the way up to the CSM, but by and large they were useless buddy fuckers.
    This. The Legions of Pax Americana are infected with a feckless Garrison-mentality and are in need of a serious enema.

    Unfortunately, that wake up call won't happen until after TASK FORCE SMITH v.2 happens.


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