Was checking out AKOU and noticed Rob post footage of an AK/comm block centered shoot just a couple hours away from me. Even though it’s Akfiles affiliated (and I’m not one of the biggest fans of them), I’ve been interested in participating at something like this for a while but either I’m not good at searching for this stuff, or there just wasn’t much reasonably priced stuff of this around St. Louis. Now that I know of this one reasonably close by, and since all skill levels are said to be welcome, I’m interested in going next time they have it (really wish I’d have known about the winter one since it seemed even more relaxed and low key).

I was wondering if anyone has gone before, and if someone has, if they could give a bit of a run-down on how things work. Besides needing to practice a lot more, my main concerns are how best to understand the courses properly. If there’s any rules that are a given or if every course is pretty well explained to you before you get a crack at it.