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Legal to import cut FA MG42 receiver?

Thread: Legal to import cut FA MG42 receiver?

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  1. hokiepride said:

    Legal to import cut FA MG42 receiver?

    A German demil shop has a FA MG42 receiver MG42 receiver WWII Since EU laws still do not regulate receivers (that will change later this year), can this MG42 German receiver be saw cut and imported stateside? Maybe some of our European members can help?
  2. hokiepride said:
    I want to build an SA MG42, but receivers are hard to find and the ones made by Wiselite and BRP as not 100% to spec
  3. Stottman's Avatar

    Stottman said:
    If torch cut to ATF specs, all day.

    That of course ignores if the ATF wants to play "surplus firearm" games, but they generally don't with parts.
  4. Blanksguy said:
    I seem to remember something about a Form-6 (?) for importation will be required as the value is over $100...….and I believe that it goes to BATF and State-Dept. to be approved.
    BATF also has the torch-cut requirements...…...