Ban resignation letters, bot suppressors
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Thread: Ban resignation letters, bot suppressors

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    Ban resignation letters, bot suppressors

    Virginia Beach shooter used a 45 caliber equipped with a suppressor. Mr. Craddock resigned as a civil engineer for the municiple sewer system. He served in the Virginia National guard, with artillery combat training. So, what happened? How do you feel when you fill out a resignation letter? All your problems are lifted off your shoulders, with a subtle hint of vengeance. Mr. Craddock had no history of mental illness, but what makes a person want to resign? Suppressors don't kill, nor is the gun to blame. The VA Beach Sheriff pointed that out. The ignorant democratic Governor needed to pile on with his gun control paranoia. This is not a race issue, nor a work place violence. Resignation letters represents a psychological reaction to right all the horrible wrongs with everyone associated with that job. He Snapped! He left his family to suffer the consequences for his actions, but vengeance was more important. He snapped! But the Governor could care less, it's all about gun paranoia. Moron! JWM

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    I think there is W A Y more to this story than we're being told. No one just snaps, kills 12 people, and shoots it out with a major PD for no reason. The city's hiding something.

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    Yeah. Something is fishy. Especially with how all details about the shooter himself are being left out, because he doesn't fit the media's profile of a 'typical' shooter.

    Plus, literally none of the laws being proposed have anything to do with the shooting. The guy killed people with some .45 handguns, so they're gonna ban Assault Rifles! *hurpaderp!

    If he hadn't had suppressors, he would have still had the same body count. Even subsonic rounds like .45 ACP still sound like gunshots with a suppressor, they're just below the threshold where hearing is damaged. If anything, thats good for the victims because you're less likely to be stunned by the muzzle blast at close ranges and might be able to keep your wits about you.

    Plus even if you did strengthen background checks and everything, this guy would have still passed them. As said, he had zero issues in his background(allegedly). So more laws are nothing. Hopefully the people of Virginia can see through this.



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