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Ian looks at Ingram M10 and M11

Thread: Ian looks at Ingram M10 and M11

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  1. scottyb's Avatar

    scottyb said:

    Ian looks at Ingram M10 and M11

    I always liked these and would drool over the SG News ads for them.
    needs moar AK

    or beer

  2. MPiKM-72's Avatar

    MPiKM-72 said:
    Constantly studying spots welds, mag well dimple shapes, center support rivet heads and selector markings for the last 12 years...

    BTW - Keep your BFH away from my AK!

    WTB Late East German 7.62 top cover and gas tube numbered 687.
  3. jrsuds's Avatar

    jrsuds said:
  4. zeek's Avatar

    zeek said:
    ^^^^ should've seen at one coming. That's a nice pile of MACs you have there JR!
  5. Arik's Avatar

    Arik said:
  6. Richard W.'s Avatar

    Richard W. said:
    Seeing them always make me want to watch McQ again.
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  7. wingnut308's Avatar

    wingnut308 said:
  8. will36's Avatar

    will36 said:
    Having to go to court over a Mac. Buddies ex-wife sold one to a class 3 dealer. leaving him the upper until the paper work cleared. Her boyfriend got busted for some stuff and the sheriff's dept. took the lower. Paper work clears ATF and she tells my buddy the county's dist. attorney will not give her the Mac lower back. The whole case against the BF gets thrown out. Two months later another guy I know that works in a big gun store in that county calls and ask if I can find parts to put a FA mac back together. I go look at it and its her's. SO this shit head is trying to reactivate a class 3 weapon that is now transferred and on the books of my dealer friend. That and his case went to shit on the boyfriend so he has no reason to keep it. I always hated that fucker. Now its his turn to face a judge.