I recently was given a new Pro Series 30 Po'Boy suppressor made by Black Aces Tactical. I only need to do the appropriate legal paperwork for the NFA stamp and such.

This is a link to the suppressor.


I realize that this model of suppressor is threaded to work on a 5/8x24 threaded barrel. However, I am sure there is a way to use a thread adapter in order to use it on an AKM threaded barrel (14x1 LH).

Does anyone have any opinions or experience with this suppressor? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what would be the best thread adapter for me to get in order to fit this suppressor to an AKM?

Just thinking out loud, it would be nice to have one with the detent like found on an AKM muzzle brake. Also something that would have flats on the adapter to use a wrench in order to take it off and on. I have found a couple during an online search, that did not have any flats in order to snug it down or take it off.

Thanks for any advice or information.