Hello everyone,

Noob to the forum who just dropped cash on a Vepr RPK in 7.62x39. Please excuse me if I put this in the wrong subforum. I just have a few questions about this rifle and it's full auto equivalent, the RPK-203. All information I've read about it says that it is an export model. Who exactly is it exported *to*? Who uses it? Does Russian military/law enforcement use it? I know KardeN has one but I don't know if it an issue weapon or his own personal one. Just curious. Secondly, I intend to put that sexy Russian laminate on it but the side rail will be an issue for the folding stock. Is there anyone who could carve out the slot on the wood stock then refinish the area? I figure RPKSN stocks are rare to come by so that would be cheaper and easier. Finally, how difficult would it be to remove the current scope rail and put a RMP-5 rail on it to make it a true RPKSN? Is it even worth considering or would I just ruin the value of the gun, even if it was possible?

Sorry in advance if these questions seem silly but I just wanted to know from more learned people than myself. Thanks.