DSA RPD- First Range Trip
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Thread: DSA RPD- First Range Trip

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    DSA RPD- First Range Trip

    Hi All,
    Earlier this week I recieved the DSA RPD I ordered from Atlantic Firearms. Today I took it to the range for its first shots. I had some chambering and cycling issues with the first ten or so rounds, but this abated and the rest of the 90 on the belt ran without issue. With the remainder of the belt running smooth, I was optimistic I might not need to join the "Had to send it back" club.

    I reloaded the same belt, and the chambering and cycling issues appeared again until about 5 rounds in, at which point the gun would not feed, cycle, or go into battery. I opened the top cover and discovered a large pin (I assume a semi auto striker fire conversion part, specifically the striker pin that hits the firing pin) laying inside the reciever. When I got home and disassembled the gun, I found part of the smaller retaining cross pin for the larger pin loose on the carrier, and the other half jammed in where the right side locking flap locks into. It will not come out and thus the bolt will not slide back to lock. As a result of this malfunction the right locking flap also appears to have been damaged.

    Needless to say, it is now non functional and I have emailed DSA to have this fixed under warranty.

    I'm curious, has anyone else had or seen this particular issue?
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    That looks nasty. I always wanted one of these. Thanks for sharing.

    I am so dumb. I misread the post (bourbon) and thought you had a semi auto DPM. I have a DSA RPD but have not fired it yet. Hopefully your misfortune is not common to them all.
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    I'd be interested so see how this was resolved. If it was made from a matching parts set I'd be demanding a new rifle, since some of those serialized parts are destroyed.
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    I'm not a metallurgist in any shape or fashion, but that piece shouldn't look like that after a few rounds.

    Probably not heat treated properly, but I'll wait and see what DSA says.
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