Found a Russian Specific SVD chest rig/LBV 4 u SVD owners
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    Found a Russian Specific SVD chest rig/LBV 4 u SVD owners

    Anyone who is lucky enough to have one of the KBI imported Russian Dragunovs, or a Tigr, check out this Russian made 6sh92 variant, made for use with the SVD. Its probably issued to Snipers only, since the mag pouches are for SVD mags.

    Anyone have anymore info on this, like when it was developed or when it was issued? I believe this type of "6sh" rig is made by SPOSN or ANA, 2 of the favored Gear makers of Russian Troops. ... 7C294%3A50

    If it is illegal to post links to cool stuff to notify members, please LMK and I will edit the post to delete the link. Thanks!!!

    P.S. I am in NO WAY associated with the seller
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    It's not made by ANA or SPOSN. If anyone it's probably made by Technicom. I don't know if it's issued, I'm not as up on sniper kit as I should be.

    That said, it's relatively new, and not what I would consider a good rig. The SPOSN SMERSH set up for an SVD or the MODOX SVD magazine carrier are much nicer in setup.



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