waterway changes and structural issues in various SHTF situations
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Thread: waterway changes and structural issues in various SHTF situations

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    waterway changes and structural issues in various SHTF situations

    I was giving some thought to this recently. As I live in a large urban city, but the largest in the US not on a major body of water, it occured to me That in any SHTF situation, especially one that is drawn out over an extended period of time, the waterways will change, given that most of the time, in these types of situation, the water department and other agencies that deal with lakes, rivers, dams etc. Also, if stuff burns during the initial event, a lot of water will be released....a lot of flooding is inevitable. has anyone done a ny research as far as what is likely to flood/break etc in the event of SHTF and thought about how that info could be used

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    I have not. I don't live anywhere where flooding would be a concern. Though for people who do live in the midwest/central US areas that would be a good thing to be aware of. Though the biggest concern regarding water is going to be having a drinkable source. In large cities you're going to find any waterways will quickly get contaminated or flat out dry up from all the desperately thirsty people/their waste, and even non-urban areas might find the water to become contaminated quickly.

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    Surface water's pretty-much gonna be a death sentence, unless you're upstream from most of humanity, and ALL of the humanity that would put crap in it, either literally or figuratively.

    Along the same line of thought, ground water needs to come from a fairly deep source that you can control the hole you're getting it from. Even then, if there are other holes into that same vein of water, some means of purification is necessary if for nothing but peace of mind.

    A good filter, whether a 'life straw' type or a canister type gravity filter like a Berkey, is a good thing to have on hand even now with the soft SHTF that's been slowly going on for the last 50-75 years (or longer.) If you haven't already, research what all is injected into municipal water and then read the MSDS sheets on those additives. It'll curl your teeth.
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    Water is one of the most important things you can have if things get bad for some reason, and it does not even need to be a SHTF scenario. I keep a smaller water filter, but need to get a larger one. Letting water settle, then boiling the clear stuff can usually work well.
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