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    Quote Originally Posted by Pookie View Post
    922r is some bullshit and we all know it. If it wasn't bullshit, they would be running around busting everyone at gun shows, ranges, and those who post videos and pics with their non compliant firearms. It's not like it's a secret who we are to praying eyes.
    Read the law closely. Possession of a non-compliant firearms isn't illegal. In fact, there's really no such thing as a non-compliant firearm. It's the act of assembly that's illegal. In order to prosecute, they'd have to prove that a person assembled a firearm in violation of 922(r).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bret View Post
    Note that it says "any person" and "assemble". The words manufacture and manufacturer are not mentioned. The language seems pretty clear to me. Absent a get out of jail free card from the ATF, I'm not taking my chances.
    correct. manufacturing (assembling). Remember, 922r is a law for CREATING, not for owning. there are several ATF letters out there confirming that possession of a 922r non compliant gun isn't illegal, it's only the assembly. If you don't assemble that gun then you have ZERO liability. Unless you're creating a parts kit gun, if you buy it from a retailers or mfger it's all on them, not you. Don't even put a brain cells more thought into it.

    do what you feel comfortable with, but NO ONE cares about 922r expect a few internet people. Back when I worked in a gun shop 15 years ago, you wanna know how many "922r compliant" used guns came through here? probably about 25% or less. Most people took WASRs Mak90s and what not and slapped surplus furniture on them and didn't give two craps about it. Being that no one in our shop "assembled" that gun, 922r wasn't even a thought in our minds and shouldn't be on yours as a buyer either.

    Not to mention do you think anyone can AUTOMATICALLY assume your rifle is 922r non compliant? The cops don't even care about it (seriously, my whole family are cops, no one even knows what 922r IS) and if they DID start sniffing, how would they CONFIRM that your parts aren't 922r compliant? There are hundreds, if not thousands of manufactured parts in the US that don't have some "hey I'm 922r compliant!" banner across them. Which means they would need to strip down your rifle to the last part, run a metallurgical analysis on the parts and then try to prove in a court of law that you assembled (built, not just slapped in a mag or swapped out a pistol grip) the rifle in that configuration with non compliant parts. yeah, that's happening (/sarcasm) and no cop or ATF agent is just going to start sniffing at your guns and do that. But as I said, do what makes you feel comfortable. But again, that's all hypothetical, as the big question is... did you assemble (build) that gun? if not. it doesn't matter to begin with

    if this super duper ruffles your ridges, then just grab a $20 cheapo Rak-1 trigger and swap out the FCG... now you can put a real yugo grip on there if you want to too and sell the Yugo FCG on "the files". People would snap up a brand new com-bloc yugo FCG in a second and you'd make most of your money back. *shrug.
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    Lol, if they ever enforce 922r, like a nationwide "We're comin to see what you have", this country will be in flames and ashes.
    At least I hope so. That's too many gun owners to roll over and go quietly....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
    Lol, if they ever enforce 922r, like a nationwide "We're comin to see what you have", this country will be in flames and ashes.
    At least I hope so. That's too many gun owners to roll over and go quietly....

    Just like the way it happened to bump stocks and more recently sound suppressors? Or ammo laws in California? Or gun laws in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts? Soon in Colorado and Florida?

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    Each to their own.
    There are a number of situations where a LEO can come in contact with an individuals firearms.
    Any domestic violence call, charge or conviction. A vehicle search.
    A hunting situation or license issue.
    Negligent discharge or tresspassing with a firearm. Use of a firearm for self defense.

    While this may not lead to full scrutiny of the firearm or how it is constructed it is possible.

    Proof of assembly may or may not be proven or documented.
    Depends on pictures, videos, receipts etc., or how sfressive the LEO agency is pushing and litigation.

    Each person should familiarize themselves with the regulations and decide if compliance is something they wish to stay within.

    Sometimes it may be determined by the size of one's collection or firearms owned.

    Taking plea of a felony or the unlikely event of a conviction could result in loss of legal firearm ownership for life.

    Unlikely for sure., but something to consider.


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